Many homes in Marathon have an old "shed" cobbled together with wood and scraps of tin.  

The  Blas Payne shed is surrounded by heirloom roses and native shrubs.  You will see butterflies and humming birds visit.

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Tasty restaurants

 Located in one of the darkest and starriest skies in the country! 


Marathon events

In the morning you will hear the windmill turning, the roosters crowing, and the birds singing.


The skies are so dark in Marathon. You will

see stars you've not seen before, the Milky Way

seems to cover the sky, and nature often shares

a "light show" with my guests.

Visit the Gage White Buffalo Bar or the 12 Gage restaurant for fine dining , the  V-6 for

breakfast and lunch.  The variety of food selections is always changing but you can count on The French Grocer for a wide choice of 

offerings and Gilda's Grill at J&G Alon has great burgers and burritos.  Big Bend Pizza offers a nice variety of home-made pizzas.

​​The blas payne